Moving Checklist


Eight Weeks Before Move
☐ Contact your mover and make arrangements for the move day
☐ Remove items from your attic, basement, storage shed, etc.
☐ Use things that you can't move with you, such as frozen foods, etc.
Obtain information about your new neighbourhood by contacting 311 (i.e garbage & recycle days etc)

Six Weeks Before Move
☐ If you are a relocating employee, verify what expenses and responsibilities each party is responsible for.
☐ Inventory and evaluate your belongings. Can you discard items and save money during the move?
☐ Create a list of everyone you must notify of your move, including creditors, subscriptions, family, professional contacts, friends, etc.
☐ Do you need storage-in-transit or permanent storage? Make these arrangements now
☐ Notify your children’s schools, your church and other organizations of your impending move

Four Weeks Before Move
☐ Submit a Change of Address form to the post office and arrange mail forwarding if necessary
☐ Arrange for special transportation for your pets and plants
☐ Contact utility and related companies (gas, electric, oil, water, telephone, cable TV and trash collection) for service disconnect/connect at your old and new addresses. However, remember to keep phone and utilities connected at your current home throughout moving day
☐ Arrange for insurance coverage in your new home to cover fire, theft and personal property 
☐ If you're packing yourself, purchase moving boxes from your local mover or visit local grocery stores etc. to retrieve pre-used boxes
☐ Begin packing items that you won't be needing in the next month
☐ Donate items to charity or plan a garage sale to unload items you do not want to bring with you to your new location


Three Weeks Before Move
☐ Gather all your important documents, including insurance coverage, will, deeds, stocks, etc.
☐ Sketch out a general floor plan of your new home to determine the placement of furnishings


Two Weeks Before Move
☐ Schedule use of the elevators in your building (if applicable)
☐ Drain gas and oil from equipment such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.

One Week Before Move
☐ Prepare specific directions to your new home for your moving company . Also provide your new contact information where you can be reached
☐ Defrost your freezer and refrigerator
☐ Have your major appliances disconnected and prepared for the move
☐ Pack a carton full of your personal items that you will want immediately in your new home - either have this box loaded last on the truck, or bring it with you during the move
☐ Set aside items that are not being moved, this way they are not loaded on to the trucks on accident


Moving day
Have someone at home to answer the van foreman's questions should there by any
☐ Make a final tour of your home/property and verify that nothing has been overlooked
☐ Lock all doors and windows and turn off all switches from your old home
☐ Record all utility meter readings for gas, electric, water, etc. of past and new home
☐ Make sure you read and understand your bill of lading and inventory carefully before you sign them. Keep these -- and all related papers -- in a safe location until all charges have been paid and all claims, if any, have been settled


Download the Printable Checklist